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What is prayer? How can we be sure that we're using it faithfully? Is there a right way and a wrong way to do it?  Follow us on Twitter Check us out on Facebook Look at our photos...


Zach and Rob talk about the science and art of biblical interpretation: hermeneutics! Check out Stained Glass Collective Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Also, Instagram

The Bible

In this episode, Rob and Zach meet up to discuss the Bible: what it is, how we should read it, and how we can understand its place in Christian life.

Dr. Scot McKnight joins us to talk about women in ministry!

In episode 3, we discuss the doctrine of the Trinity with Dr. Sanjay Merchant, Associate Professor of Theology at Moody Bible Institute. How can we apply proper Trinitarian theolog...

Inagurated Eschatology

In episode 2 we explore the complexity of inaugurated eschatology: the idea that we live in a tension between what has already begun and what is yet to come.


Episode 1: We lay the foundations of the show and talk about dogmatics in the Church, and how they often lead to division. 

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